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Matthew James Jordan

Matthew James Jordan is a proper rude boi init! He's well good at the tap dancing and you lot call it step dancing! Don't know why but whatever, I'll have to get over that. Anyway you can tell I'm typing nonsense just for the sake of filling up space. Hopefully I'll remember to change this when the website actually goes live because that would be bloody embarassing if I forgot! Wouldn't look good for Matt either because I'm writing all this in his bio! Whoopsie!

I forgot to say he's also a super sexy guitar player and singer. You may recognise him from Estonia's best and most famous band Labi Linna. I heard one of his autograph's sold for 5 million EUR last week at the Tate Modern. Crazy times!


George Wille-Williams

George Wille-Willaims is da man with da plan! He's properly gangsta at renovating things and I tell you what, he's gonna renovate the living shit out of this boat! The wood is gonna be so smooth and varnished you're never gonna be able to enjoy a fine oak dining table again for fear that you'll burst into tears at the sheer lack of quality in comparison to the craftmanship of our prized vessel Lucy!

They say 'Get you a man that can do both'. George is clearly the man they coined this phrase around as he knows how to get down and dirty with his DIY knowledge and skills but equally he can show James Bond a thing or two about being dapper! As the captain of the boat he'll ensure you have the swankiest experience leaving you feeling as if you'd just spent the night in the Ritz's presidential suite.


Benjamin Roomes

Some bellend...