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What is a Flavour Journey?

Imagine a lazy summer's day floating along the river, drink in hand as the scent of freshly made pastries and gourmet bites dances in the air. Perhaps instead imagine a lively night out with friends on your own a private boat as you are waited on hand and foot by the captain as the scenery coasts by.

Here at AHOY we wish to provide a unique experience full of flavour with fine food and drink plus the gentle waves and beautiful scenery of the Emajõgi river. As we cruise through Tartu city centre and the surrounding countryside you will be presented with hors d'oeuvres and beverages of the highest quality as our captain caters to your every need.


This is what we like to call... a Flavour Journey.

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The birth of


Ahoy began as an idea between two lifelong friends who wished to create something special in Tartu for the summer months.

We provide private boat cruises on the Emajõgi river accompanied with fine food

and drink to create a memorable experience for friends, family and loved ones.

What we offer

What we offer


Our boat is a fully renovated wooden skiff with gondola style seating and a cushioned bow nest that accommodates up to six guests plus the captain.


Guests will be greeted by a host who will introduce the details of their upcoming trip and go over important safety procedures.


Our Flavour Journey lasts 1 hour, departs from and returns to Naiiv (Sisevete saatkond, Vabaduse puiestee 5).


The journey is a round trip that passes through the centre of Tartu.


Guests will select a package that determines the catering provided on the journey. After booking, guests may customise their choice of drinks from the menu's selection. Extra drinks may be purchased during the journey (the same as their choice at time of booking). These will be charged at the end of the journey.


Umbrellas and/or parasoles are provided in the event of rain or especially hot sunny days.

Music is provided on board.

At night the boat is illuminated with a lantern and fairy lights.

All necessary safety equipment including lifejackets are stored on board.


Please contact us if you have ideas for a custom package/event e.g. afternoon tea or wine tasting experience. We will do our best to make sure your unique experience is catered for!

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